Program Coordinator
Job Description

  1. Serve as communication liasion with students, potential students,colleges, organizations and companies, industry specific professional organizations and other groups to support communication flow and promotional efforts.
  2. Coordinate logistics, facilities, equipment and resources for professional delivery and completion of courses and programs. Ensures equipment and labs are up to date, working properly, and adequately meets the organization’s requirements for training.
  3. Oversee workflow and work priorities of all teaching and non- teaching staff and also the staff that assist with coordination in assigned program area.
  4. Promote and provide information regarding training and also provide information and resources on service opportunities.
  5. Do the counseling for the people who have interest in social work.
  6. Carry out all the responsibilities related with the admissions to the course.
  7. Collect course fee and issue the receipts.
  8. Coordinate the sessions of the Diploma Program and develop course schedules and organize sessions and the panel discussions.
  9. Address student issues, complaints, suggestions for improvements.
  10. Monitor the progress of programs and courses. Evaluates the effectiveness of programs and performance of instructors to ensure customer satisfaction, program quality, and regulatory compliance. Establishes and sustains customer service and relationships.
  11. Assist with maintaining current brochures, applications, web resources, and other program marketing materials; maintains list serves.
  12. Dispatch the study material and the I.D. cards to the enrolled students.
  13. Coordinate with the NGO’s or nonprofit organizations to provide support to the students on field trips to their organization.

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