CSS is a network of people and organizations engaged in community based services through education and social services to meet the needs of the people and the community.

CSS is committed to the cause of Social Sciences, an initiative to promote knowledge which is essential for various social causes and issues for training people who believe in acquiring knowledge with the intent for serving the community, be it social or political.

CSS finds its origin from the social service and educational institutions – Bharathi Vidyalaya, Genesis High School and the pet project, Greens Special School.

Bharathi Vidyalaya College of Education for Women was instituted in 1992 and has been creating early childhood educators who are rendering their services in prestigious pre-schools all over the world. The college grooms its students not just to be educators but also to be entrepreneurs.

Genesis, The Right High School was instituted in 1997 to enlighten the lives of the children of Montessori House to Grade X. The school has been grooming children to excel in academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Individual attention is given by maintaining only 25 students in a class under an experienced and caring staff.

The pet project of CSS is the Green Special School where free education is provided to 65 children with special needs. The school has an efficient staff which support and strive for the cause of the special children. Children with autism, down syndrome, epilepsy, hearing impairment, physical disability, dyslexia, partial blindness and speech impairment are dealt with at Greens Special School. A physiotherapist, a speech therapist and a psychologist support the special educators in their endeavor to facilitate the children.

Greens Special School is managed by Ayesha Education Society, which is a nonprofit organization - working for the benefit of the special needs children.

After serving the community for more than two decades with its rich experience, CSS intends to do capacity building activities for the elected leaders and equip them with necessary technical know-how of managing their areas like corporates.

CSS intends to involve the common man in the philanthropic work through our Diploma Course in Social Work and through our Capacity Building Programs we want our community to be fairer, safer, healthier and prosperous. Our Research and Survey Wing is intended to enable and empower citizens across our nation to access, produce and put into action knowledge that will make our community the best.